Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three years...

Happy Birthday to my precious three year old son, who has done so much to light up my world...I just can't imagine how dim it was before his arrival.

Three years ago at this moment I was laboring...for about 17 hours by this point. I think it was approximately around noon when I was finally getting some relief in form of epidural or soon there after.

When I was tucking Aiden in bed last night, I told him that three years ago mommy and daddy were just getting to the hospital to have baby Aiden. He said "I was at the hospital when I was a baby" (as a statement). And I told him "You were born in the hospital", "that's when you came out of mommy's belly...well, sort of, oh forget it." I wasn't about to teach a "3 year old" the circle of life at bedtime.

So I finished off telling him he needed to get some sleep so he's ready to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Well, that opened another 'cans of worms', so to speak. He pointed out that he already HAD his birthday. So I tried to explain that we had his birthday PARTY on Saturday but that TOMORROW is your real birthday. Once I convinced him that his party at "grandpa, grandpa's" house (when he talks about Grandma and Grandpa Johnston, he lumps it all together) was only to have the party then he was quite excited to be able to celebrate AGAIN!

Since we celebrated his last two birthdays (well, three) on the EXACT day because it was on the weekend, he didn't get a day for a party and a day for an actual birthday, it really confused him and I don't blame him at all. This birthday stuff can be quite confusing sometimes.

Today we are elated to celebrate the life of our Amazing Aiden!

The best thing that has ever happen to Mommy and Daddy, the center of our universe and a really good reason to wake up in the morning...even if it's MUCH earlier then we'd like :)


Monday, October 6, 2008

It's my turn...

After Aiden's birthday party at Grandpa, Grandpa Johnston's house, the Mackey's went to lunch together.

My mom told me about something that occured as we sat at Red Robin waiting for our food...
Story by Su Mackey:

When we were at the restaurant, Nate and I were talking and Aiden patted me on the arm and said "Grandma, Grandma". I said "What, honey?"
He said "It's my turn to talk." I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me something about the Yo Gabba Gabba guys but it was gibberish to me. He was very serious about it.


Aiden received the Yo Gabba Gabba figures from Uncle Jonah which he refers to as "his babies" and wants to take them everywhere.

Aiden also doesn't like it if adults are talking and not including him, so he tends to 'do or say' something to get attention...I'm always glad when it's something subtle and not obnoxious and loud... This time it was something especially cute!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One week and counting...

I absolutely can NOT believe that my baby is turning 3 in just one week.

We've been talking about his birthday and his party for weeks already...he is so excited! I think he really understands too.

Mommy once again is going all out for the party...just can't help myself. It's a celebration of life and this particular life is more important then anything in the world!

It's also a celebration of survival...Aiden and I are Preeclampsia Survivors. Until recently, I didn't totally understand how important it is to be a survivor. It took awhile to fully comprehend the magnitude.

In lieu of gifts for Aiden's birthday, we would love it if you donated to the Preeclampsia Foundation in his honor.

If it wasn't for the amazing people who started and run this foundation, the research and education wouldn't be provided to save the lives of mothers and their babies...

Six more days until we get to experience what 3 is... **sigh**

Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to 3!

Nate and I are getting a taste of what 3 is going to be like.

People have been telling me for the last year that 3 is actually harder then the "terrible" twos, I'm getting to understand just what they mean.

Now Aiden KNOWS how to push our buttons!

There are several days that he has a COMPLETE MELTDOWN when I pick him up from daycare, like if he leaves Gail's house he's going to miss something extremely fun...despite the fact that everyone else is leaving at the same time generally. I actually carry him out to the car like a football to get him to leave.

I think he just wants to LIVE at Gail's house. I told her I would pick him up in a few years and still send a check regularly. But I think she's done raising kids full-time. She did a good job too, so I really wouldn't mind if she kept Aiden :)

Bedtime has been a huge challenge too. We removed the crib and now only have a toddler bed. That means he has freedom...and we do not. So when we put him to bed there is no way to keep him in it if he feels like 'not sleeping'. It makes for a very long evening every single night. It took both of us doing shifts with Aiden to get him to sleep last night.

I hope by the time he actually turns 3 that he's over this phase. Doesn't sound likely though.

Thank goodness he's a really cute kid, even though I was worn out with trying to keep him in bed last night...it was still really cute when he'd run out of the room to find me standing in the hall. Then he'd turn around, make a grunting, frustrated noise and go throw himself on his bed. It was hard not to chuckle at his reaction.

Oh...I love him so much no matter what!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long overdue.

It has been a reeeeeaaallly long time since I've posted on here...just ask my persistence little brother.

This summer has been quite full. It's typically our busy season at work with Back to School and Holiday projects. This year has been especially crazy with many of our vendors wanting to "sweeten the deal" with extra incentives to our guests and setting up more promotions then ever...thank you economy for that. But enough 'shop talk'.

Unfortunately with the soaring gas prices...we have not spent much time at the lake house enjoying nature...and Highway 371 :) We cherish the time we do get to spend up there even more now.

With a spring storm causing damage to our house and the Jeep, it has brought some other changes. The Jeep was hauled away to the salvage yard after being deemed "totaled" by the insurance company...which means it would cost more to fix it then it's worth. Which actually worked out well since we were hoping to get a more economical vehicle anyway and the Jeep wasn't running the best.

So after A LOT of thought and a little bit of luck, we found a 2006 Hyundai Sonata that is fully loaded! Both Nate and I love, love, LOVE driving this car - which also causes issues when we both want to drive it at the same time but not necessarily going to the same place.

Thanks to the hail storm, we also have a new roof on the house. There are other areas damaged that the insurance company did not take into consideration, so that might mean a phone call to straighten things out. But it also got Nate thinking about the garage he has been coveting for the last three years and five months of his life.

So now, Nate has been pulling together what needs to be done to get his garage built. I'm letting him 'project manage' this job... I really don't care if there is a garage or not... other then to "shut him up". But I'll be happy when I can send him out there when I want to get him out of my hair.

With the garage built and a few other house projects to finish, it is our hope to sell our house in St. Louis Park and move to a larger house with a larger yard for the boys. We are simply growing out of this space. But unfortunately, that will still take some time and the market isn't that great right now anyway. Just as long as it happens before Aiden starts school.

And now onto Aiden...the whole point of this blog.

Aiden is once again...absolutely AMAZING! I don't think I could ever really understand how much I was going to love this child, but do I love him more and more and more and more everyday!

I just spent a few days in Las Vegas celebrating Auntie Caly's 30th birthday. It was a fun few days away and as everyone kept telling me...it's good for me to get away...but it was HARD!

The only thing that really got me through it, was knowing Aiden was with Daddy and Reilly and they are the best people he could be with. But I still missed my boys terribly. They are truly my whole world and I love it!


Aiden is absolutely awesome. He talks in full sentences and can hold a conversation with a stranger on the bus...

We were riding the "city bus" from the State Fair back to our car (the bus ride being his favorite part of the fair). Aiden was chatting up the pretty blonde girl sitting next to him. I couldn't believe it! She was going into her sophmore year at St. Thomas University and she loved how cute Aiden was.

I am raising a shameless flirt...oh boy!

Aiden adores climbing on anything and everything. Uncle Dave has helped him climb trees, the neighbor taught him how to climb the 'rock wall' part of the playground across the street, and he prefers to climb up on the back of the couch and lay there like a cat watching TV...

Although he loves climbing and has no fear of heights...he's scared to death of movement. He'll climb onto one of the riding toys in the mall, he plunks a coin in the slot and then jumps off scared --ghost white-- once the machine starts moving.

During a recent trip to the Como Zoo, Aiden really wanted to ride the merry-go-round. Nate told him we'd stop there on our way out of the zoo. So on our way out of the zoo we bought tickets for Daddy and Aiden. I took pictures...while Nate tried to manage an extremely frightened little boy. Aiden HATED the merry-go-round once he realized it moved. He clung to Daddy and screamed until the ride stopped.

Aiden has also learned to jump into the hot tub (his pool). Not only just jump into the hot tub, but now falling in backward...apparently not worried if someone will catch him or not.

He also loves jumping from the side of the boat into an awaiting Daddy's arms. Now that Daddy has taught him to swim with a lifejacket on, he's all over the lake swimming like a fish...Daddy can't catch this one either!

With a few up north swimming adventures under his belt, he was ready for a new one...jumping off the diving board at Grandma Toni's pool (a real pool), even after Daddy exited the pool he continued to do it on his own.

I tell ya, this kid is truly amazing...straight from the beginning...and everyday since then.

P.S. He is currently on the way to the lake house with Poppa and Gramma, which is the reason I have a moment to update the blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I can NOT even believe I am typing this...while I was publishing the last post, Nate was getting Aiden ready for bed.

After the clothes and diaper came off, Aiden escaped wearing just his socks...and climbed onto the end table next to the couch and stood there. Good Lord the sight!

After he stood up on the table he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to". We weren't sure what he meant so Nate checked the table to see if maybe he peed...thankfully he didn't.

So while finishing the 'getting ready for bed' routine Aiden started to left off some gas...VERY loudly...like a grown man!

Nate was laughing hysterically, so Aiden said "I do it again?" And continued to let off more gas VERY loudly and kept asking "I do it again?" while now both Nate and I are laughing hysterically. I really don't normally find something like that humorous, but it was quite the sight...or more like sound. Oye!

And I know, we shouldn't be promoting this kind of behavior by any means, but my god, I couldn't believe it was a 2 1/2 year old and doing it on command essentially.

Where do kids come up with this stuff!!!

Worth a post

Auntie Jill came over tonight for a "blog lesson" and enjoyed the evening with us.

When Auntie Jill was leaving Aiden surprised her by running up to her to give her a big hug when she left.

Aiden walked back to the living room after saying Good-Bye while mommy and Auntie Jill talked for another minute before she walked out the door.

I looked over to Aiden and he had this look on his face and said "I didn't give her a kiss". I asked if he wanted to give her a kiss and he came running to the door so I called to Auntie Jill to have her come back for her kiss (taking the opportunity while she can from the lil man).

I opened the door, Aiden ran down the sidewalk with no shoes on, into Auntie Jill's arms with a giant hug...and then kissed her (Billy close your ears) ON THE LIPS!

Auntie Jill...this blogs for you!

Monday, June 2, 2008


So, I know that I should post more about Aiden's life...he does the cutest things and even does cute things everyday generally. But I just forget about the details of those cute things by the time I get a chance to sit down and have a moment to think about the day.

And the crazy thing is that I love to read blogs, even blogs of people I've never met and probably never will.

I admire how the words flow so nicely and the whitty comments other bloggers come up with to express their daily lives.

I am just not one of them.

So I'll post as often as I have time to write, when I remember to collect the thoughts and experiences of the day and maybe when I'm bored.

That means...check back often because you never know when another update will pop up to brighten your day. :)

I'll do my best to keep tabs on Aiden for you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Erica and Gavin brought their new baby to Grandpa’s house yesterday. After getting the "heads up" on their visit - Nate, Aiden and I jumped on the chance to meet Luke for the first time since his arrival on May 3rd.

Aiden gets very excited to see Erica, Gavin and Grandpa…in large part because they used to spend their days together and Aiden still remembers.

On the way to Grandpa’s house Aiden asked “Going to see Grandpa?” Yes, we are. “Give Grandpa hug.” That would be nice.

Not sure where ‘giving hugs’ came from, Aiden usually doesn’t say things like that…even though he is very articulate for his age.

At one point toward the end of the evening, Grandpa was coming back from the bathroom and as he rounded the corner - he looked into the kitchen and paused at the sight of some of his grandsons sitting at the kitchen table. He stood there for a minute…just watching. As I stood next to him I could literally feel the pride beaming from him.

He watched Nathan holding his newest legacy while the two giggling toddlers stared at each other and well... giggled.

Nathan noticing Grandpa watching them asked if he’d like to come sit at the table…his response was "yeah...sure, sure" and even though Grandpa has Alzheimer’s and uses a walker, he just about raced over to the table and navigated his way into a chair.

In that moment, I forgot that Grandpa is in his 80s and has lived with Alzheimer’s for the last couple of years.

Aiden and Gavin were so excited Grandpa was joining them at the table. They even offered him some of their chips.

Grandpa really enjoyed hanging out with the boys, I could see the glimmer in his eyes - it's just not noticeable in the pictures taken by my phone... but I assure you it was there.

I never want to forget having the opportunity to indulge in the greatness of generations.

Aiden and Gavin have an unconditional love for Grandpa and that is so incredibly wonderful!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day cool...

Mother's day much less eventful than last year. No trips to the ER and no surgeries, I'd say that a pretty good day.

My dad almost forgot about attempting to cut his hand off, although not actually intentional - certainly unforgettable.

Nate went fishing, I spent the day being a mom - I guess that's why they call it "Mother's day"...you don't actually get the day off for this.

Aiden loved saying "Happy Mother's Day!" and said it several times. He even woke up Gramma with this greeting, it made her day.

It was at least sunny out, compared to raining and cold the day before.

We left the cabin in the late afternoon to meet family for dinner on the way home, Aiden took another power nap while we were stuck in traffic which turned out great since he didn't get to bed until very late!

All-in-all a great day to be a mom :)

My kid is soooo cool! As you can see...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brennan's Birthday - Hard Lesson

So we’re trying to teach Aiden about OTHER people’s birthdays and not every birthday is his. It’s been tough.

So at Brennan’s birthday this was a big lesson for him and a hard one at times (i.e. gift opening, cake time, etc.)

Aiden thought he should help Brennan blow out his birthday candles, he ran in blew one out quickly and then ran away.

Ugh, two year olds!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aiden and Brennan Day

As Nick and Brandy try to get their house ready to sell, we offered to take Brennan for the day so they didn't have any distractions or responsibilities.

Brandy and Grandpa Bev dropped Brennan off in the morning, Brennan hardly noticed that Mommy and Grandma left. Luckily the massive amount of toys was a good distraction.

After getting Brennan settled in, we got the boys ready to head to a play date next door at Daniel's house.

Brennan fit in at the play date perfectly, especially since he is the same age as Daniel and James.

With five VERY active and excited boys, it was an interesting morning.

After the play date, we headed back to our house to bake a cake with the boys as chefs. After getting the cake in the oven then it was time to go down for nap. That was a bit of a challenge, I'm not used to trying to manage two toddlers for naptime...my one is typically enough work as it is.

Brennan did a great job settling down, Aiden was a little hyped up and took longer to go down.

After nap, the boys got to decorate their cake AND eat it! Thank goodness most of the cake ended up ON them instead of IN them.

After cake time, the boys played with Aiden's massive amount of toys for a while then I decided it would be good to get them out of the house again. So we headed off to the mall to utilize the indoor play area. Not sure that was the best idea. The play area was a mad house! There were mostly big kids running around the play area and that was a bit intimating to my two little one's.

Brennan stuck closely to Aiden and when Aiden would run off, then Brennan would run back to Nate or myself and hung out standing between our legs watching for Aiden.

After exerting some energy it was time to eat something. Cake just doesn't "cut it" for a meal. The boys were wired now and getting them to sit down and eat was a challenge but they did eat quite a bit.

So our day came to an end with the two toddlers and it was time to bring Brennan back to his parents.

We had an excellent day and I'm so glad the boys had a chance to hang out, which doesn't happen often enough.

Side note: Even better...Auntie Caly came home to us! After three months in Mexico, it was not fun for her to show up on a cold day - but she'll survive as all we Minnesotan do somehow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tahllia's Sweet Sixteen

I have to say...I use the word "Sweet" lightly with our precious T...just kidding babe!

I can't believe we celebrated two milestone birthdays in one week and they are father and daughter!

I think Mark was overjoyed at being around to celebrate his daughter's next phase in life...driving privileges. This is when we're glad she doesn't live close, less to fear when driving around town.

I do think Mark had a fun time putting together the party for his little girl and being their to shower her with gifts.

It was a great celebration!

Happy Birthday Tahllia!

Oak Hill Park

We spent a few hours with Nick, Brandy and Brennan this afternoon. It was nice to get the boys outdoors and fresh air.

I can't believe how brave the boys were...they climbed to the top of the tallest slide and went down with no worries.

They ran around the playground having a great time!

One of the few spring days we'll felt this year.

After a nice time outdoors, we went to grab something to eat...where the boys continued to be quite the entertainment.

What a great afternoon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Car...

But not for Mommy and Daddy...for Aiden.

Once again, Gramma is spoiling Aiden and showed up for dinner with a new toy...a car to ride around and it looks like a hybrid - go green! Really nice with better weather 'hopefully' around the corner, but for now it sits indoors so he can actually use it.

I love that it sits up against the wall nicely.

Biking Riding

Well...for Aiden it's more like trailer riding.

We bought a bike trailer last year and Aiden wasn't a fan of it. He seems to do better riding it in this year, we're still working on making helmet wearing a fun thing. He doesn't always love it. What he does love is that Daddy takes him to different parks to play on while riding around. The advantage of living in the city.

Maybe next summer Aiden will have his own bike.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go fly a kite!

It was quite windy out, so we decided to try flying a kite.

Well, it was actually TOO windy out and one not-so-patient little boy wasn't focused enough to wait until Daddy could get the kite in the air. Aiden really just wanted to play on the playground and wasn't too interested in kite flying.

So after a while, Daddy decided to join Aiden at the playground and they had a great time swinging and climbing.

Daddy was successful in teaching Aiden to use the climbing wall, which Mommy has not been able to do in the several trips to the playground. Aiden loves to climb!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctor Visit

We had a check up with Dr. Anderson today. He wanted to make sure Aiden's RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) wasn't causing any problems and with Aiden's last lead test showing a bump higher on the scale, they wanted to make sure it didn't continue to go up.

First, the nurse tried to convince Aiden to stand on the scale - which didn't happen. So instead (since he's still not 30 lbs), he got to sit in the infant scale to be weighed. A whopping 28.7 lbs, I feel like we'll never see 30 lbs...but I'm ok with that since I still carry him quite a bit.

Then we met with Dr. Anderson to go over information on the RAD, which has not been a issue since January. Even with a few colds/flu since then, we haven't had to nebulize Aiden. Knowing I have a very active boy on my hands, I really don't want him to have difficulty breathing when he wants to play and have fun. And also because Aiden's gaggle of uncles want him to play hockey. Even volunteered to pay for the equipment, we'll see if that holds up :)

After our discussion on RAD and quick exam, we set off for the lab to get a blood test. I was dreading this part most because Nate ended up working and wasn't able to make the appointment. Nate is always best with Aiden for these kinds of things...and Aiden does best with Daddy too.

I have to say, Aiden did an absolutely amazing job! No crying, watched the nurse poke his finger and watched very curiously as she filled the tube with his blood. He was very proud of the big bandage the nurse had to put on his finger (he's a bleeder) and he couldn't wait to show daddy.

I'm so glad I specifically asked that they poke the finger versus doing an arm draw. The first time they did the arm and it took both Nate and I to hold him down. The second time they did the finger poke and it went so much better!

We hope the RAD doesn't cause problems this summer as Aiden gets to be more active and the lead test comes back at a safe level.

Aiden is doing good so far!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uncle Mark's (40th) Birthday

We all came together to celebrate a milestone birthday for Uncle Mark... turning 29... again...

We won't mention how old in public. Nobody is allowed to say anything, especially his "almost" 16 year daughter :)

Aiden was happy to help Uncle Mark blow out his SEVERAL candles.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family Time

There are some evenings that we all hop into mom and dad's bed to put Aiden to sleep for the night. It's so nice to cuddle together in the darkness and rest while Aiden drifts off to sleep sandwiched between his parents.

I know Aiden is going to grow up and not want anything to do with us for awhile...remembering these moments will carry me through those times.

And it helps that Aiden falls asleep the fastest this way :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

Aiden's first Spring Break didn't go quite as well as planned.

Uncle David and Aunnie Missy booked a poolside room at a hotel with a mini waterpark. Unfortunately, the pools were not heated....AT ALL.

My little fishy wouldn't even dip his toe in the water it was so cold!

Gavin did go in a little, Jayden thought it was the best and swam the most, Anna and Brad were in and out of the water.

Gavin and Aiden got to enjoy a warm bath since the waterpark didn't turn out, they had fun anyway - and it got a little messy in the hotel bathroom with them splashing around.

Uncle David took the two boys for a walk around the hotel. We got to enjoy some snacks...Erica, that isn't a loaded sugary cookie in Gavin hand...really.

Then it was time for dinner, Uncle David got us Pizza.

The boys were great together - and it helps to have awesome cousins to hang out with!

It was a lot of fun none-the-less and better than Aiden sneaking off to some wild party week in Mexico...which is what Auntie Caly did :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing at Great Grandpa Swanson's

Auntie Debbie was out of town for the weekend, so Erica and Gavin came to stay with Grandpa.

Aiden and I took the opportunity to spend time with Erica and Gavin...and, of course, Great Grandpa Swanson.

Gavin and Aiden used to spend everyday with Great Grandpa Swanson, you can tell they really miss being with him.

Dave, Missy and the kids joined us to hang out.

We even braved the cold wind to take the kids to the playground, but that didn't last long.

It was much nicer in the warm house...chillin' out. And a great day to spend together!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at Johnstons

It was fun to see everyone at Easter. Aiden not only had Anna and Braby to play with this time but also Gavin, Anthony and Lincoln too. He's a lucky kid!

Hoppy Easter Everybunny!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

We did Easter morning at home just Mommy, Daddy, Aiden and Reilly.

Aiden woke up to a trail of Easter eggs leading to an Easter basket in the living room. I think the video says it all...

It was so much fun!

There will be video posted too...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pre-Easter Swimming

Yep, that's swimming Easter weekend in Minnesota....obviously indoors. Tons of fun to hang out with cousin, aunts, uncles and grandmas!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our little Leprechaun...Aiden!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs

Getting ready for the Easter bunny...thought we'd do a few eggs to help 'em out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The fall...

And I'm not talking about seasons :)

Wednesday night while I was making dinner and Nate was caring for the front yard, Aiden wanted to watch daddy so he crawled up onto the end table that is next to the windows to see the front yard and at some point was either trying to get down or lost his balance and fell of the table.

I heard the fall and cry so I rushed into the living room and slipped on a toy so I went down too and proceeded to crawl to Aiden from there. I was concerned Aiden hit his head so I scooped him up to check his head and comfort him all the while not realizing his lip was bleeding. I yelled for Nate and then noticed lots of blood by his mouth. Aiden punctured his lip with two of his teeth.

Of course, I totally freaked out and wanted to rush to the ER but my laid back husband was trying to evaluate the injury first.

After cleaning Aiden up the injury wasn’t as bad as I thought and Nate was able to calm Aiden pretty quickly. We checked his head more and saw the wounds on his lip weren’t very deep (not enough for stiches).

So Aiden got to spend the rest of the night laying on the couch with mom or dad that night(we switched off), watched his favorite movie (Cars) and ate grapes.

I was really more worried about a concussion then anything.

Aiden seems to be fine now, except for a slight twitching of his head every once in a while....just kidding.

I see a future of many injuires...Aiden is just like his Dad when Daddy was younger.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A playdate with Brennan

Daddy called and wanted to go watch the hockey game last night with the boys so I decided to ask Brandy and Brennan if they wanted to come over to have dinner and play.

On our way home from daycare I was telling Aiden that Brennan was coming over to play with him and Aiden was getting more and more excited the closer to home we got.

What Aiden wasn't quite as excited about was having to "share his toys". He liked seeing Brennan but I think he preferred that Brennan bring his own toys to play with.

And poor Brennan was so frustrated with finding a "new toy" to play with at Aiden's house and then Aiden throwing a tantrum because he didn't want Brennan to play with the toy.

It was quite the evening and a big lesson in a boy's life, one that I want to make sure the Aiden fully understands - especially being an only child.

A few things that did go over better were dancing to music, playing instruments and looking at cars.

Maybe some neutral playdates will help with the progress of this relationship, going to the park or mall play area where no one has to sacrifice their favorite toy to a friend :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Toddler Bed update

So the toddler bed didn't turn out to be as good as Aiden thought it was.

Aiden slept in the toddler bed for two nights and woke up both nights scared of monsters.

He has gone back to the crib feeling safe and secure.

The funny thing is that I remember reading about transitioning to a toddler bed and finding out what kind of kid you have...the one who loves the freedom and gets up at any time in the night to play or explore...or the kid that still has the crib mentality and needs you to get them in the morning never venturing off the bed.

I found out that my kid is the one that has the crib mentality and wanted me to get him in the morning when he woke up. I thought for sure he'd go wild with some freedom!

We'll try the bed again in the future, I'm not going to push it if he's not comfortable.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A hard night on mommy...

So I've got my answer...the bed was ready and so was the boy.

Aiden said his goodnights to Daddy and walked to his bedroom, jumped into his new bed, I grabbed him an extra blanket, tucked him in and was ready to rub his back when I was abruptly instructed to 'go sit in the chair'.

My baby didn't want help getting to sleep anymore.

I sat rocking in the chair thinking to myself... I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast - all the while Aiden fell asleep on his own, in a toddler bed, without his mom to rock him to sleep... I'm really not ready for this!

New Bed!

Not quite a big boy bed yet, but half way there.

After doing A LOT of cleaning and organizing this weekend, my last project was setting up the toddler bed that Aiden got handed down from Trinity.

Nate kept Aiden busy while I put the bed together (looked a lot easier then it ended up being) and once the bed was set up Aiden came into his room to find his "new" bed.

I didn't know what to expect...he is only 2...but he knew what it meant and LOVED it.

Aiden immediately ran and jumped into bed to try it out. Then we spent almost a half hour while Aiden laid in bed, got out of bed, went back to bed, laid down, tried it out with Reilly and then one last time laid down before being coaxed out of his bedroom.

Very exciting step in the child-rearing process...I imagine cavemen didn't have toddler beds, but it's a nice transition.

I'm not sure when Aiden will actually try out the bed for the first time, we still like knowing he's safe and sound in his crib but now it's ready when we are.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aiden the Baker

This is what happens when it's -40 degrees outside on a weekend...but better a weekend then during the week when they force us to leave the house for daycare and work!

I made a big dinner and then baked a cake. The boys gladly helped decorate the cake with me.

When Nate asked Aiden if he wanted to help mommy frost the cake, he kept asking about "Frosty the Snowman" and it took us a few minutes to realize that he associated "frost the cake" with "Frosty the Snowman"...he knows all about Frosty, even how to sing it but he's never frosted a cake.

Another new experience.

Aiden stood very well while Daddy handed him sprinkles to put top of the cake, he helped spread a little frosting on and then the best of all...GOT TO LICK THE SPATULA!

By the time he sat in his highchair ready to eat some of his masterpiece he just looked at it for a minute...then dug right in to make a mess!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daddy can do it

So I don't know if it's because I prefer to keep Aiden my baby or just because Nate is so much better at teaching then I am...but Daddy is the best at getting Aiden "to do" things.

Even though Aiden is definitely a mama's boy...Daddy has some kind of magic.

Whenever it comes to teaching Aiden something new, it's always been Daddy who reigns over that challenge.

Daddy has amazing patience and technic that astounds me.

Daddy was the one who showed Aiden how to climb the step stool to wash his hands and face after eating.

Daddy works with Aiden on using his fork or spoon to eat dinner.

Daddy lets Aiden use the broom or vacuum when cleaning (I love that one and hope it sticks!)

Now the newest trick Daddy is teaching Aiden, how to properly brush his teeth. I have tried many times to get Aiden to let me show him how to use the toothbrush to, well...brush, not just suck on the bristles or to scrub his tongue with it.

One time I walked by the bathroom and Aiden was 'allowing' Daddy to brush his teeth and Daddy was showing Aiden how to keep his mouth open to brush ALL of his teeth. I couldn't believe it.

So as I see it, we have a great balance on raising this kid. I hope Aiden continues to allow Daddy to teach him about growing up because, frankly, mommy just doesn't want him to.

I'm guessing next on Daddy's teaching list will be fishing, he could use some help catching Walleye's. We'll see how Aiden handles a fishing pole, we've been saving the fishing pole and tackle set that Kevin and Tammy gave Aiden for his first fishing experience. We'll have to wait few months before the lakes thaw.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A chill...

Goodness, why do we live in this arctic state?? The deep freeze has completely set in. It went from decent 40 degree weather one day to the temperatures botttoming out on the thermometer the next!

It's the kind of weather when you want to stay at home under the covers and keep warm. Unfortunately that's not an option and life does go on...even when it's -50 degrees.

Another issue is that I have an incredibly independent child who does not like wearing a hat or mittens. I fear he'll be a popsicle by the time I get him to daycare in the morning. I wrap him in several layers of his favorite type of blanket to keep him warm during the ride and threaten him to keep his hands under the blankets.

Hopefully someday it'll be warmer or at least easier to keep Aiden warm.

Zero seems balmy at this point...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something from summer

During a particularly cold week, it nice to see a bronze kid...

What a character!

American Idol ain't got nothin' on my kid! He's got some talent!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reilly's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Reilly! Already 3 years old...boy, our puppy is growing up so fast!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


thanks for being a fun uncle and great godfather to me!
luv, aiden

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still sick...

Aiden has been sick for a full week now and COMPLETELY miserable! This virus has really taken a toll on him, he's been very clingy and wants mommy to hold him all the time while cuddling his blankets and sucking on his nuki (yes, he still has one).

I took Aiden to his regular Pediatrician for a follow up to the appointment he had last Friday.

His doctor has determined that Aiden has "Reactive Airway Disease" that causes him to cough very badly when he gets a virus - to the point of almost choking and not breathing.

This diagnose isn't necessarily asthma itself because true asthma is difficult to diagnose in a young child, but we are going to treat it as it is asthma with an 'Asthma Action Plan' and keep medication on hand. As Aiden gets older it will be much easier to conclude the diagnose of asthma.

Aiden's Pediatrician has been talking about asthma since he was an infant since he continually has the same reaction each time he gets a virus.

It will be important to keep Aiden away from irritating vapors, fumes, and smoke to ensure he does not have a threatening reaction to his airway. And we'll continue to use the nebulizer treatments when Aiden gets sick.

Our hope is that Aiden won't end up having to take medication daily in order to breathe, anyone with asthma knows how much it sucks to feel the elephant standing on your chest and working hard for every breath...including Aiden's mom.

I hope that we can get Aiden feeling better this weekend and knock out the virus for good!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sick boy

Aiden's first day back to daycare after the New Year turned out to be not-so-fun. Nate got called back to get Aiden because Aiden was lethargic and started throwing up.

We've spent the last 24 hours trying to get Aiden to sleep more than a few minutes at a time, yes, that includes overnight. He was very thristy and we were hesitant to give him anything to drink since he would throw up anything that went in. By morning I felt better about giving him Pedialyte by syringe a few drops at a time. After having quite a few drops it seemed that the Pedialyte would stay down and he was able to take more.

Aiden hasn't thrown up since last night and we've been able to get him to sleep next to us on the couch off and on all day. His fever isn't as high either.

Aiden has had a cough inthe last couple of days which, I think, actually caused the vomiting. Since the new information out on children's cough and cold medicine, I decided we'd try the old remedy of honey to help calm the cough in order to allow for better sleep. I have to say, he's snoozing next to me and hasn't been coughing like he was before.

Hopefully with the ability to sleep and drink Pedialyte, Aiden will recover quickly and be back on the move!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holidays 2007

We had an amazing holiday season yet again... lots of time with loved ones!

Aiden, of course, received way more gifts than our tiny house can handle so I spent a day organizing toys and finding space for all of them. He loves all of his new items and is quite spoiled by his family.

We are so fortunate for all we have and really kept that in mind as we celebrated the end of another year.

Happy Holidays to all!