Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daddy can do it

So I don't know if it's because I prefer to keep Aiden my baby or just because Nate is so much better at teaching then I am...but Daddy is the best at getting Aiden "to do" things.

Even though Aiden is definitely a mama's boy...Daddy has some kind of magic.

Whenever it comes to teaching Aiden something new, it's always been Daddy who reigns over that challenge.

Daddy has amazing patience and technic that astounds me.

Daddy was the one who showed Aiden how to climb the step stool to wash his hands and face after eating.

Daddy works with Aiden on using his fork or spoon to eat dinner.

Daddy lets Aiden use the broom or vacuum when cleaning (I love that one and hope it sticks!)

Now the newest trick Daddy is teaching Aiden, how to properly brush his teeth. I have tried many times to get Aiden to let me show him how to use the toothbrush to, well...brush, not just suck on the bristles or to scrub his tongue with it.

One time I walked by the bathroom and Aiden was 'allowing' Daddy to brush his teeth and Daddy was showing Aiden how to keep his mouth open to brush ALL of his teeth. I couldn't believe it.

So as I see it, we have a great balance on raising this kid. I hope Aiden continues to allow Daddy to teach him about growing up because, frankly, mommy just doesn't want him to.

I'm guessing next on Daddy's teaching list will be fishing, he could use some help catching Walleye's. We'll see how Aiden handles a fishing pole, we've been saving the fishing pole and tackle set that Kevin and Tammy gave Aiden for his first fishing experience. We'll have to wait few months before the lakes thaw.

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