Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three years...

Happy Birthday to my precious three year old son, who has done so much to light up my world...I just can't imagine how dim it was before his arrival.

Three years ago at this moment I was laboring...for about 17 hours by this point. I think it was approximately around noon when I was finally getting some relief in form of epidural or soon there after.

When I was tucking Aiden in bed last night, I told him that three years ago mommy and daddy were just getting to the hospital to have baby Aiden. He said "I was at the hospital when I was a baby" (as a statement). And I told him "You were born in the hospital", "that's when you came out of mommy's belly...well, sort of, oh forget it." I wasn't about to teach a "3 year old" the circle of life at bedtime.

So I finished off telling him he needed to get some sleep so he's ready to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Well, that opened another 'cans of worms', so to speak. He pointed out that he already HAD his birthday. So I tried to explain that we had his birthday PARTY on Saturday but that TOMORROW is your real birthday. Once I convinced him that his party at "grandpa, grandpa's" house (when he talks about Grandma and Grandpa Johnston, he lumps it all together) was only to have the party then he was quite excited to be able to celebrate AGAIN!

Since we celebrated his last two birthdays (well, three) on the EXACT day because it was on the weekend, he didn't get a day for a party and a day for an actual birthday, it really confused him and I don't blame him at all. This birthday stuff can be quite confusing sometimes.

Today we are elated to celebrate the life of our Amazing Aiden!

The best thing that has ever happen to Mommy and Daddy, the center of our universe and a really good reason to wake up in the morning...even if it's MUCH earlier then we'd like :)


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