Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One week and counting...

I absolutely can NOT believe that my baby is turning 3 in just one week.

We've been talking about his birthday and his party for weeks already...he is so excited! I think he really understands too.

Mommy once again is going all out for the party...just can't help myself. It's a celebration of life and this particular life is more important then anything in the world!

It's also a celebration of survival...Aiden and I are Preeclampsia Survivors. Until recently, I didn't totally understand how important it is to be a survivor. It took awhile to fully comprehend the magnitude.

In lieu of gifts for Aiden's birthday, we would love it if you donated to the Preeclampsia Foundation in his honor.

If it wasn't for the amazing people who started and run this foundation, the research and education wouldn't be provided to save the lives of mothers and their babies...

Six more days until we get to experience what 3 is... **sigh**

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