Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Reunion

One thing you learn (especially as you get older) is that family is your legacy...the importance of all those people you are related to is monumental.

We met family members (again) that we didn't realize we had this weekend. It was a chance to see where our family started and continues.

Looking at the faces of familiar traits was amazing. I could see my gramma in those faces and it was comforting. I really miss her and all those special times we spent together as I was growing up.

I want that same thing for Aiden, even though its hard to give up my time with him. I know how incredibly important it is that he be able to get the opportunity to create special memories with his grandparents as well.

I look forward to hearing the stories that Aiden tells of "that time with..." like my siblings and I do nowadays.

Family is the backbone of who we are and I cherish that very close to my heart. It's also has a lot to do with the way I'm molding my son.

To all our family member...we are so lucky to you have...even though we technically didn't have a choice :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I know I don't post very often anymore, an active little boy keeps me from such things.

I want to take a moment to extend my deepest sympathy to a great friend of mine and her enormous loss.

pink ribbon

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three years...

Happy Birthday to my precious three year old son, who has done so much to light up my world...I just can't imagine how dim it was before his arrival.

Three years ago at this moment I was laboring...for about 17 hours by this point. I think it was approximately around noon when I was finally getting some relief in form of epidural or soon there after.

When I was tucking Aiden in bed last night, I told him that three years ago mommy and daddy were just getting to the hospital to have baby Aiden. He said "I was at the hospital when I was a baby" (as a statement). And I told him "You were born in the hospital", "that's when you came out of mommy's belly...well, sort of, oh forget it." I wasn't about to teach a "3 year old" the circle of life at bedtime.

So I finished off telling him he needed to get some sleep so he's ready to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Well, that opened another 'cans of worms', so to speak. He pointed out that he already HAD his birthday. So I tried to explain that we had his birthday PARTY on Saturday but that TOMORROW is your real birthday. Once I convinced him that his party at "grandpa, grandpa's" house (when he talks about Grandma and Grandpa Johnston, he lumps it all together) was only to have the party then he was quite excited to be able to celebrate AGAIN!

Since we celebrated his last two birthdays (well, three) on the EXACT day because it was on the weekend, he didn't get a day for a party and a day for an actual birthday, it really confused him and I don't blame him at all. This birthday stuff can be quite confusing sometimes.

Today we are elated to celebrate the life of our Amazing Aiden!

The best thing that has ever happen to Mommy and Daddy, the center of our universe and a really good reason to wake up in the morning...even if it's MUCH earlier then we'd like :)


Monday, October 6, 2008

It's my turn...

After Aiden's birthday party at Grandpa, Grandpa Johnston's house, the Mackey's went to lunch together.

My mom told me about something that occured as we sat at Red Robin waiting for our food...
Story by Su Mackey:

When we were at the restaurant, Nate and I were talking and Aiden patted me on the arm and said "Grandma, Grandma". I said "What, honey?"
He said "It's my turn to talk." I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me something about the Yo Gabba Gabba guys but it was gibberish to me. He was very serious about it.


Aiden received the Yo Gabba Gabba figures from Uncle Jonah which he refers to as "his babies" and wants to take them everywhere.

Aiden also doesn't like it if adults are talking and not including him, so he tends to 'do or say' something to get attention...I'm always glad when it's something subtle and not obnoxious and loud... This time it was something especially cute!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One week and counting...

I absolutely can NOT believe that my baby is turning 3 in just one week.

We've been talking about his birthday and his party for weeks already...he is so excited! I think he really understands too.

Mommy once again is going all out for the party...just can't help myself. It's a celebration of life and this particular life is more important then anything in the world!

It's also a celebration of survival...Aiden and I are Preeclampsia Survivors. Until recently, I didn't totally understand how important it is to be a survivor. It took awhile to fully comprehend the magnitude.

In lieu of gifts for Aiden's birthday, we would love it if you donated to the Preeclampsia Foundation in his honor.

If it wasn't for the amazing people who started and run this foundation, the research and education wouldn't be provided to save the lives of mothers and their babies...

Six more days until we get to experience what 3 is... **sigh**

Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to 3!

Nate and I are getting a taste of what 3 is going to be like.

People have been telling me for the last year that 3 is actually harder then the "terrible" twos, I'm getting to understand just what they mean.

Now Aiden KNOWS how to push our buttons!

There are several days that he has a COMPLETE MELTDOWN when I pick him up from daycare, like if he leaves Gail's house he's going to miss something extremely fun...despite the fact that everyone else is leaving at the same time generally. I actually carry him out to the car like a football to get him to leave.

I think he just wants to LIVE at Gail's house. I told her I would pick him up in a few years and still send a check regularly. But I think she's done raising kids full-time. She did a good job too, so I really wouldn't mind if she kept Aiden :)

Bedtime has been a huge challenge too. We removed the crib and now only have a toddler bed. That means he has freedom...and we do not. So when we put him to bed there is no way to keep him in it if he feels like 'not sleeping'. It makes for a very long evening every single night. It took both of us doing shifts with Aiden to get him to sleep last night.

I hope by the time he actually turns 3 that he's over this phase. Doesn't sound likely though.

Thank goodness he's a really cute kid, even though I was worn out with trying to keep him in bed last was still really cute when he'd run out of the room to find me standing in the hall. Then he'd turn around, make a grunting, frustrated noise and go throw himself on his bed. It was hard not to chuckle at his reaction.

Oh...I love him so much no matter what!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long overdue.

It has been a reeeeeaaallly long time since I've posted on here...just ask my persistence little brother.

This summer has been quite full. It's typically our busy season at work with Back to School and Holiday projects. This year has been especially crazy with many of our vendors wanting to "sweeten the deal" with extra incentives to our guests and setting up more promotions then ever...thank you economy for that. But enough 'shop talk'.

Unfortunately with the soaring gas prices...we have not spent much time at the lake house enjoying nature...and Highway 371 :) We cherish the time we do get to spend up there even more now.

With a spring storm causing damage to our house and the Jeep, it has brought some other changes. The Jeep was hauled away to the salvage yard after being deemed "totaled" by the insurance company...which means it would cost more to fix it then it's worth. Which actually worked out well since we were hoping to get a more economical vehicle anyway and the Jeep wasn't running the best.

So after A LOT of thought and a little bit of luck, we found a 2006 Hyundai Sonata that is fully loaded! Both Nate and I love, love, LOVE driving this car - which also causes issues when we both want to drive it at the same time but not necessarily going to the same place.

Thanks to the hail storm, we also have a new roof on the house. There are other areas damaged that the insurance company did not take into consideration, so that might mean a phone call to straighten things out. But it also got Nate thinking about the garage he has been coveting for the last three years and five months of his life.

So now, Nate has been pulling together what needs to be done to get his garage built. I'm letting him 'project manage' this job... I really don't care if there is a garage or not... other then to "shut him up". But I'll be happy when I can send him out there when I want to get him out of my hair.

With the garage built and a few other house projects to finish, it is our hope to sell our house in St. Louis Park and move to a larger house with a larger yard for the boys. We are simply growing out of this space. But unfortunately, that will still take some time and the market isn't that great right now anyway. Just as long as it happens before Aiden starts school.

And now onto Aiden...the whole point of this blog.

Aiden is once again...absolutely AMAZING! I don't think I could ever really understand how much I was going to love this child, but do I love him more and more and more and more everyday!

I just spent a few days in Las Vegas celebrating Auntie Caly's 30th birthday. It was a fun few days away and as everyone kept telling's good for me to get away...but it was HARD!

The only thing that really got me through it, was knowing Aiden was with Daddy and Reilly and they are the best people he could be with. But I still missed my boys terribly. They are truly my whole world and I love it!


Aiden is absolutely awesome. He talks in full sentences and can hold a conversation with a stranger on the bus...

We were riding the "city bus" from the State Fair back to our car (the bus ride being his favorite part of the fair). Aiden was chatting up the pretty blonde girl sitting next to him. I couldn't believe it! She was going into her sophmore year at St. Thomas University and she loved how cute Aiden was.

I am raising a shameless flirt...oh boy!

Aiden adores climbing on anything and everything. Uncle Dave has helped him climb trees, the neighbor taught him how to climb the 'rock wall' part of the playground across the street, and he prefers to climb up on the back of the couch and lay there like a cat watching TV...

Although he loves climbing and has no fear of heights...he's scared to death of movement. He'll climb onto one of the riding toys in the mall, he plunks a coin in the slot and then jumps off scared --ghost white-- once the machine starts moving.

During a recent trip to the Como Zoo, Aiden really wanted to ride the merry-go-round. Nate told him we'd stop there on our way out of the zoo. So on our way out of the zoo we bought tickets for Daddy and Aiden. I took pictures...while Nate tried to manage an extremely frightened little boy. Aiden HATED the merry-go-round once he realized it moved. He clung to Daddy and screamed until the ride stopped.

Aiden has also learned to jump into the hot tub (his pool). Not only just jump into the hot tub, but now falling in backward...apparently not worried if someone will catch him or not.

He also loves jumping from the side of the boat into an awaiting Daddy's arms. Now that Daddy has taught him to swim with a lifejacket on, he's all over the lake swimming like a fish...Daddy can't catch this one either!

With a few up north swimming adventures under his belt, he was ready for a new one...jumping off the diving board at Grandma Toni's pool (a real pool), even after Daddy exited the pool he continued to do it on his own.

I tell ya, this kid is truly amazing...straight from the beginning...and everyday since then.

P.S. He is currently on the way to the lake house with Poppa and Gramma, which is the reason I have a moment to update the blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I can NOT even believe I am typing this...while I was publishing the last post, Nate was getting Aiden ready for bed.

After the clothes and diaper came off, Aiden escaped wearing just his socks...and climbed onto the end table next to the couch and stood there. Good Lord the sight!

After he stood up on the table he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to". We weren't sure what he meant so Nate checked the table to see if maybe he peed...thankfully he didn't.

So while finishing the 'getting ready for bed' routine Aiden started to left off some gas...VERY a grown man!

Nate was laughing hysterically, so Aiden said "I do it again?" And continued to let off more gas VERY loudly and kept asking "I do it again?" while now both Nate and I are laughing hysterically. I really don't normally find something like that humorous, but it was quite the sight...or more like sound. Oye!

And I know, we shouldn't be promoting this kind of behavior by any means, but my god, I couldn't believe it was a 2 1/2 year old and doing it on command essentially.

Where do kids come up with this stuff!!!

Worth a post

Auntie Jill came over tonight for a "blog lesson" and enjoyed the evening with us.

When Auntie Jill was leaving Aiden surprised her by running up to her to give her a big hug when she left.

Aiden walked back to the living room after saying Good-Bye while mommy and Auntie Jill talked for another minute before she walked out the door.

I looked over to Aiden and he had this look on his face and said "I didn't give her a kiss". I asked if he wanted to give her a kiss and he came running to the door so I called to Auntie Jill to have her come back for her kiss (taking the opportunity while she can from the lil man).

I opened the door, Aiden ran down the sidewalk with no shoes on, into Auntie Jill's arms with a giant hug...and then kissed her (Billy close your ears) ON THE LIPS!

Auntie Jill...this blogs for you!

Monday, June 2, 2008


So, I know that I should post more about Aiden's life...he does the cutest things and even does cute things everyday generally. But I just forget about the details of those cute things by the time I get a chance to sit down and have a moment to think about the day.

And the crazy thing is that I love to read blogs, even blogs of people I've never met and probably never will.

I admire how the words flow so nicely and the whitty comments other bloggers come up with to express their daily lives.

I am just not one of them.

So I'll post as often as I have time to write, when I remember to collect the thoughts and experiences of the day and maybe when I'm bored.

That means...check back often because you never know when another update will pop up to brighten your day. :)

I'll do my best to keep tabs on Aiden for you.