Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to 3!

Nate and I are getting a taste of what 3 is going to be like.

People have been telling me for the last year that 3 is actually harder then the "terrible" twos, I'm getting to understand just what they mean.

Now Aiden KNOWS how to push our buttons!

There are several days that he has a COMPLETE MELTDOWN when I pick him up from daycare, like if he leaves Gail's house he's going to miss something extremely fun...despite the fact that everyone else is leaving at the same time generally. I actually carry him out to the car like a football to get him to leave.

I think he just wants to LIVE at Gail's house. I told her I would pick him up in a few years and still send a check regularly. But I think she's done raising kids full-time. She did a good job too, so I really wouldn't mind if she kept Aiden :)

Bedtime has been a huge challenge too. We removed the crib and now only have a toddler bed. That means he has freedom...and we do not. So when we put him to bed there is no way to keep him in it if he feels like 'not sleeping'. It makes for a very long evening every single night. It took both of us doing shifts with Aiden to get him to sleep last night.

I hope by the time he actually turns 3 that he's over this phase. Doesn't sound likely though.

Thank goodness he's a really cute kid, even though I was worn out with trying to keep him in bed last was still really cute when he'd run out of the room to find me standing in the hall. Then he'd turn around, make a grunting, frustrated noise and go throw himself on his bed. It was hard not to chuckle at his reaction.

Oh...I love him so much no matter what!

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