Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A playdate with Brennan

Daddy called and wanted to go watch the hockey game last night with the boys so I decided to ask Brandy and Brennan if they wanted to come over to have dinner and play.

On our way home from daycare I was telling Aiden that Brennan was coming over to play with him and Aiden was getting more and more excited the closer to home we got.

What Aiden wasn't quite as excited about was having to "share his toys". He liked seeing Brennan but I think he preferred that Brennan bring his own toys to play with.

And poor Brennan was so frustrated with finding a "new toy" to play with at Aiden's house and then Aiden throwing a tantrum because he didn't want Brennan to play with the toy.

It was quite the evening and a big lesson in a boy's life, one that I want to make sure the Aiden fully understands - especially being an only child.

A few things that did go over better were dancing to music, playing instruments and looking at cars.

Maybe some neutral playdates will help with the progress of this relationship, going to the park or mall play area where no one has to sacrifice their favorite toy to a friend :)

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