Saturday, April 26, 2008

Aiden and Brennan Day

As Nick and Brandy try to get their house ready to sell, we offered to take Brennan for the day so they didn't have any distractions or responsibilities.

Brandy and Grandpa Bev dropped Brennan off in the morning, Brennan hardly noticed that Mommy and Grandma left. Luckily the massive amount of toys was a good distraction.

After getting Brennan settled in, we got the boys ready to head to a play date next door at Daniel's house.

Brennan fit in at the play date perfectly, especially since he is the same age as Daniel and James.

With five VERY active and excited boys, it was an interesting morning.

After the play date, we headed back to our house to bake a cake with the boys as chefs. After getting the cake in the oven then it was time to go down for nap. That was a bit of a challenge, I'm not used to trying to manage two toddlers for one is typically enough work as it is.

Brennan did a great job settling down, Aiden was a little hyped up and took longer to go down.

After nap, the boys got to decorate their cake AND eat it! Thank goodness most of the cake ended up ON them instead of IN them.

After cake time, the boys played with Aiden's massive amount of toys for a while then I decided it would be good to get them out of the house again. So we headed off to the mall to utilize the indoor play area. Not sure that was the best idea. The play area was a mad house! There were mostly big kids running around the play area and that was a bit intimating to my two little one's.

Brennan stuck closely to Aiden and when Aiden would run off, then Brennan would run back to Nate or myself and hung out standing between our legs watching for Aiden.

After exerting some energy it was time to eat something. Cake just doesn't "cut it" for a meal. The boys were wired now and getting them to sit down and eat was a challenge but they did eat quite a bit.

So our day came to an end with the two toddlers and it was time to bring Brennan back to his parents.

We had an excellent day and I'm so glad the boys had a chance to hang out, which doesn't happen often enough.

Side note: Even better...Auntie Caly came home to us! After three months in Mexico, it was not fun for her to show up on a cold day - but she'll survive as all we Minnesotan do somehow.

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