Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctor Visit

We had a check up with Dr. Anderson today. He wanted to make sure Aiden's RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) wasn't causing any problems and with Aiden's last lead test showing a bump higher on the scale, they wanted to make sure it didn't continue to go up.

First, the nurse tried to convince Aiden to stand on the scale - which didn't happen. So instead (since he's still not 30 lbs), he got to sit in the infant scale to be weighed. A whopping 28.7 lbs, I feel like we'll never see 30 lbs...but I'm ok with that since I still carry him quite a bit.

Then we met with Dr. Anderson to go over information on the RAD, which has not been a issue since January. Even with a few colds/flu since then, we haven't had to nebulize Aiden. Knowing I have a very active boy on my hands, I really don't want him to have difficulty breathing when he wants to play and have fun. And also because Aiden's gaggle of uncles want him to play hockey. Even volunteered to pay for the equipment, we'll see if that holds up :)

After our discussion on RAD and quick exam, we set off for the lab to get a blood test. I was dreading this part most because Nate ended up working and wasn't able to make the appointment. Nate is always best with Aiden for these kinds of things...and Aiden does best with Daddy too.

I have to say, Aiden did an absolutely amazing job! No crying, watched the nurse poke his finger and watched very curiously as she filled the tube with his blood. He was very proud of the big bandage the nurse had to put on his finger (he's a bleeder) and he couldn't wait to show daddy.

I'm so glad I specifically asked that they poke the finger versus doing an arm draw. The first time they did the arm and it took both Nate and I to hold him down. The second time they did the finger poke and it went so much better!

We hope the RAD doesn't cause problems this summer as Aiden gets to be more active and the lead test comes back at a safe level.

Aiden is doing good so far!

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