Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A chill...

Goodness, why do we live in this arctic state?? The deep freeze has completely set in. It went from decent 40 degree weather one day to the temperatures botttoming out on the thermometer the next!

It's the kind of weather when you want to stay at home under the covers and keep warm. Unfortunately that's not an option and life does go on...even when it's -50 degrees.

Another issue is that I have an incredibly independent child who does not like wearing a hat or mittens. I fear he'll be a popsicle by the time I get him to daycare in the morning. I wrap him in several layers of his favorite type of blanket to keep him warm during the ride and threaten him to keep his hands under the blankets.

Hopefully someday it'll be warmer or at least easier to keep Aiden warm.

Zero seems balmy at this point...

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