Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still sick...

Aiden has been sick for a full week now and COMPLETELY miserable! This virus has really taken a toll on him, he's been very clingy and wants mommy to hold him all the time while cuddling his blankets and sucking on his nuki (yes, he still has one).

I took Aiden to his regular Pediatrician for a follow up to the appointment he had last Friday.

His doctor has determined that Aiden has "Reactive Airway Disease" that causes him to cough very badly when he gets a virus - to the point of almost choking and not breathing.

This diagnose isn't necessarily asthma itself because true asthma is difficult to diagnose in a young child, but we are going to treat it as it is asthma with an 'Asthma Action Plan' and keep medication on hand. As Aiden gets older it will be much easier to conclude the diagnose of asthma.

Aiden's Pediatrician has been talking about asthma since he was an infant since he continually has the same reaction each time he gets a virus.

It will be important to keep Aiden away from irritating vapors, fumes, and smoke to ensure he does not have a threatening reaction to his airway. And we'll continue to use the nebulizer treatments when Aiden gets sick.

Our hope is that Aiden won't end up having to take medication daily in order to breathe, anyone with asthma knows how much it sucks to feel the elephant standing on your chest and working hard for every breath...including Aiden's mom.

I hope that we can get Aiden feeling better this weekend and knock out the virus for good!

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