Sunday, February 10, 2008

A hard night on mommy...

So I've got my answer...the bed was ready and so was the boy.

Aiden said his goodnights to Daddy and walked to his bedroom, jumped into his new bed, I grabbed him an extra blanket, tucked him in and was ready to rub his back when I was abruptly instructed to 'go sit in the chair'.

My baby didn't want help getting to sleep anymore.

I sat rocking in the chair thinking to myself... I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast - all the while Aiden fell asleep on his own, in a toddler bed, without his mom to rock him to sleep... I'm really not ready for this!

New Bed!

Not quite a big boy bed yet, but half way there.

After doing A LOT of cleaning and organizing this weekend, my last project was setting up the toddler bed that Aiden got handed down from Trinity.

Nate kept Aiden busy while I put the bed together (looked a lot easier then it ended up being) and once the bed was set up Aiden came into his room to find his "new" bed.

I didn't know what to expect...he is only 2...but he knew what it meant and LOVED it.

Aiden immediately ran and jumped into bed to try it out. Then we spent almost a half hour while Aiden laid in bed, got out of bed, went back to bed, laid down, tried it out with Reilly and then one last time laid down before being coaxed out of his bedroom.

Very exciting step in the child-rearing process...I imagine cavemen didn't have toddler beds, but it's a nice transition.

I'm not sure when Aiden will actually try out the bed for the first time, we still like knowing he's safe and sound in his crib but now it's ready when we are.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Aiden the Baker

This is what happens when it's -40 degrees outside on a weekend...but better a weekend then during the week when they force us to leave the house for daycare and work!

I made a big dinner and then baked a cake. The boys gladly helped decorate the cake with me.

When Nate asked Aiden if he wanted to help mommy frost the cake, he kept asking about "Frosty the Snowman" and it took us a few minutes to realize that he associated "frost the cake" with "Frosty the Snowman"...he knows all about Frosty, even how to sing it but he's never frosted a cake.

Another new experience.

Aiden stood very well while Daddy handed him sprinkles to put top of the cake, he helped spread a little frosting on and then the best of all...GOT TO LICK THE SPATULA!

By the time he sat in his highchair ready to eat some of his masterpiece he just looked at it for a minute...then dug right in to make a mess!