Monday, October 6, 2008

It's my turn...

After Aiden's birthday party at Grandpa, Grandpa Johnston's house, the Mackey's went to lunch together.

My mom told me about something that occured as we sat at Red Robin waiting for our food...
Story by Su Mackey:

When we were at the restaurant, Nate and I were talking and Aiden patted me on the arm and said "Grandma, Grandma". I said "What, honey?"
He said "It's my turn to talk." I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me something about the Yo Gabba Gabba guys but it was gibberish to me. He was very serious about it.


Aiden received the Yo Gabba Gabba figures from Uncle Jonah which he refers to as "his babies" and wants to take them everywhere.

Aiden also doesn't like it if adults are talking and not including him, so he tends to 'do or say' something to get attention...I'm always glad when it's something subtle and not obnoxious and loud... This time it was something especially cute!

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