Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day cool...

Mother's day much less eventful than last year. No trips to the ER and no surgeries, I'd say that a pretty good day.

My dad almost forgot about attempting to cut his hand off, although not actually intentional - certainly unforgettable.

Nate went fishing, I spent the day being a mom - I guess that's why they call it "Mother's day" don't actually get the day off for this.

Aiden loved saying "Happy Mother's Day!" and said it several times. He even woke up Gramma with this greeting, it made her day.

It was at least sunny out, compared to raining and cold the day before.

We left the cabin in the late afternoon to meet family for dinner on the way home, Aiden took another power nap while we were stuck in traffic which turned out great since he didn't get to bed until very late!

All-in-all a great day to be a mom :)

My kid is soooo cool! As you can see...

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