Friday, March 14, 2008

The fall...

And I'm not talking about seasons :)

Wednesday night while I was making dinner and Nate was caring for the front yard, Aiden wanted to watch daddy so he crawled up onto the end table that is next to the windows to see the front yard and at some point was either trying to get down or lost his balance and fell of the table.

I heard the fall and cry so I rushed into the living room and slipped on a toy so I went down too and proceeded to crawl to Aiden from there. I was concerned Aiden hit his head so I scooped him up to check his head and comfort him all the while not realizing his lip was bleeding. I yelled for Nate and then noticed lots of blood by his mouth. Aiden punctured his lip with two of his teeth.

Of course, I totally freaked out and wanted to rush to the ER but my laid back husband was trying to evaluate the injury first.

After cleaning Aiden up the injury wasn’t as bad as I thought and Nate was able to calm Aiden pretty quickly. We checked his head more and saw the wounds on his lip weren’t very deep (not enough for stiches).

So Aiden got to spend the rest of the night laying on the couch with mom or dad that night(we switched off), watched his favorite movie (Cars) and ate grapes.

I was really more worried about a concussion then anything.

Aiden seems to be fine now, except for a slight twitching of his head every once in a while....just kidding.

I see a future of many injuires...Aiden is just like his Dad when Daddy was younger.

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