Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

We had a wonderful Halloween season this year. I found a great Elmo costume on Ebay since we didn't like what was in the stores. I ordered a 4T to make sure there was extra room for warm clothes underneath, it's a good thing because it fit just right~!

We spent a Saturday night carving pumpkins with the Johnston family. Aiden wasn't that interested in the pumpkin carving, not fast paced enough for him. He did like getting to spend time with his cousins though! I attempted to carve Thomas the Tank Engine and Nate did some creative carving as well.

The next night we visited the local zoo's Halloween event, ZooBoo, the kids get a trick-or-treating bag when they get to the zoo. The zoo is decorated with characters and such for the kids to see and activities throughout the trick-or-treat trail. We went with my friend Sara and her adorable daughter Audrey, Uncle Dave, Aunnie Missy, Anna, Bradley and Auntie Caly. Aiden had a great time!

Then finally the big day...Halloween through the neighborhood. Aiden did a fantastic job walking around to collect candy from the neighbors who thought he was adorable as Elmo. He even received a special baggie of toddler friendly treats from the neighbors next door. We vistited Uncle Jason's (and Auntie Micky but she wasn't home though), then some friends and off to Grandma's house to show off in her neighborhood. While we were there Uncle Dave, Aunnie Missy, Anna and Bradley showed up to try to scare Grandma, but Aiden knew who they were right away!

It was a great Halloween season this year! Aiden did a fabulous job with all the activities and even though he doesn't get to enjoy most of the treats he received, it was fun anyway :)

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