Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aiden's 2nd Birthday

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Aiden’s 2nd birthday. Aiden had a blast!

He woke up the next morning and said “TOYS?”. He had not forgotten all the fun things he got from his party.

When I drove him home from the party, I kept driving around the area for ½ hour trying to get him to settle down and fall asleep. He did fall asleep for a few minutes right before I brought him home, but perked up as I took him out of the car seat. Then it took another hour to get him back to sleep.

After finally getting him down, Nate and I spent the rest of the night getting toys out of the massive amount of packaging the toy companies feel the need to provide for “toy safety”. After we unleashed the toys, I put them all in their own little “tote home” so they are perfectly organized and not all over my floor….yet.

I left the set of Weebles and his Cars racetrack out to play, we’ll swap for new toys in a couple of days.

Poor Aiden went to school on Monday so daddy could fish, that means he didn’t even get to stay home and play with the new stuff. Then after school Mommy and Daddy will take him to his 2-year check up with Dr. Anderson. And after his appointment we are going buy the movie Cars and get new fish at the pet store for his brand new aquarium that Daddy setup. He won’t want to play with all the news toys after he gets fish in his tank.

What an exciting week for one VERY CUTE two year boy!

We really appreciate having the best family EVER!

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