Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aiden's 2 year check up

Aiden did AWESOME at his appointment. Not only did he do well for his flu and hep shot, they also took blood for 24 month lead test. He watched the girl take his blood and didn’t hardly flinch. I couldn’t believe it! He was very curious about what she was doing to him.

After the long doctor’s appointment, we took him to Toys R Us to get another Cars movie (ours is lost), then went to the pet store to get fish for his aquarium. We picked out 5 guppies in bright colors, food for the fish and a few new plants (fake, of course). Nate put the aquarium together when we got home while I made dinner and Aiden obsessively played with his new toys.

Nate basically tried everything to get Aiden to eat dinner so we could put him to bed…bribes, tricks, forcing…don’t mess with a kid who just got new toys.

Aiden will be happy to have an evening with his new toys tonight since we don’t have anything planned.

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